The board held their preliminary meeting and discussed the overall season activities and don’t feel there will be much changing this year.

Jim is currently working to get staff in place to get the clubhouse ready for the season.  Finding workers has always been difficult, so if you know anyone interested in a position at the clubhouse, send them Jim’s way!

There is no confirmed opening date for the kitchen yet, but Jim said they are working to get stocked up as we speak and plan to open sometime next-week.  Follow the course on Facebook and check the website for more details.

Ians hard at work getting the course ready for the season.  Ian has done an amazing job, and we look forward to seeing the course continue to improve year-over-year.  The course looks to be in great shape already.  Great job, Ian!

They are targeting having the course open as early as next-Tuesday, the 23rd.  Again, follow the course on facebook and check the website for more details.

In this email, you’ll find all the information you need to get the season started.  I’ll do my best to keep the bullet points in order.  I’ve also attached the 2023 Financial Report and 2023 Spring Meeting Minutes for you to review ahead of the Spring Meeting if you’d like.  There will be copies printed at the Spring Membership meeting as well.

The Spring Membership Meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 1st @ 6pm.  We will have a Lasagna dinner following the meeting($15/member).

If any of you know of anyone looking to start a team, please either have them reach out to me or pass this email and information along to them and invite them to come to the Membership Meeting on the 1st.

Rosters and FULL team payments are due NO LATER THAN Sunday, May 5th.

Team Captains:

  • PLEASE turn in your teams roster and payment on time to allow the scorekeeper and I enough time to get everyone set up for our season start date.  I’ve attached the roster sheets that are to be filled out by every team (even if your team is the same as last year).
  • Same as last year:  ALL MEMBERS NEED TO HAVE AN EMAIL ON FILE in order to be entered in the MGA GHIN system.
  • Please circle which tees you plan to play if you are over the age of 60.  If no tees are circled, we will assume you plan to play the white tees.
  • If any of your teammates are turning 60 this year and would like to change their tee selection during the season, please reach out to the scorekeeper at  He can update their handicaps for league play accordingly. If they switch from white to gold during the season, they cannot switch back until next year.
  • Similar to past years, it is preferred that you send in one payment with your completed roster via Venmo or check (details are on the roster sheet).  Dues will remain the same at $50/Team and $50/member.  It’s preferred if rosters and payment are turned in in a sealed envelope to make sure all the pertinent contents stay together.
  • Any player that has not paid their dues will not be eligible to score points for their team until they have paid.  Any player that has not paid will not have their MGA account activated, therefore will not have a handicap until they are paid.
  • Be sure to list your team’s top 3 preferred tee times on your roster sheet, so we can get all those details ironed out prior to the league start date.  Tee times are going to be made in 10 minute increments again for 2024.  You cannot make your tee time for league play at the clubhouse.  Tee times are regulated by the Men’s Club for league nights and are assigned based on highest point totals in the 2023 regular season.  Teams that finished higher in the standings will get to pick their tee times first and we will go down the standings to assign tee times until every team is on the tee sheet.  New teams will get last pick and will be assigned to the tee sheet in the order their rosters were received.  Any team that turns in their roster late will forfeit their rank and will move to the back of the line with the new teams.

All dates below are tentative, pending approval from membership at the Membership Meeting on the 1st.  I will communicate any changes to these dates (if any).

We are planning to kick off the season with a Spring Fun Night Scramble on Tuesday, May 7th(rain date of the 8th).

Make your tee time for your team of 4 in the clubhouse for any time that day.  Entry fee is $5/member and we’ll pay all that out.

We plan to start the regular season on Tuesday, May 14th – Wednesday, May 15th.  We plan to have 14 weeks of regular season play followed by 3 weeks of playoffs.

We will have a 1 week break in the middle of the season for the Men’s Club Tournament and a Fun Night Scramble(assuming we won’t need to use that Wednesday for the Men’s Club Tourney rain date).

The 2024 Men’s Club Tournament will be held on Tuesday, July 2nd.  Rain date is July 3rd.

Similar to last year, we will have a Senior and Men’s division.  You will need to specify which division you are playing prior to teeing off.  All players in the Men’s division will be required to tee off from the white tee’s.  Entry fee is $10 and we will pay all that out.  Money collected for each division will be paid out within the division it was collected.

The Summer Fun Night Scramble will be held Wednesday, July 3rd.  This will be cancelled if needed for the rain date of the club Tourney.

Same as the Spring Scramble, make your tee time for your team of 4 in the clubhouse for any time that day.  Entry fee is $5/member and we’ll pay all that out.

The Agate City Classic will be held Saturday, August 3rd – Sunday, August 4th.  Practice rounds to be played Friday the 2nd.  If you are not playing in the tournament and would like to volunteer in any way, please reach out.  We could always use more help.

Playoffs are scheduled to begin August 27-28th – September 10th(3 weeks).  Rain date for the Championship round is September 11th.  Same format as last year.

Fall Banquet/Fall Scramble after playoffs TBD.  1-2 weeks after the championship rounds are played.

Score Cards/Scoring

  • We will continue to use the dropbox near the Men’s Club computer exclusively for turning in cards again this year.
  • Please fill out score cards completely and clearly.
  • We made league specific score cards again this year that will have plenty of room for you to fit your information and will contain fields for all the information we need to collect on each card.
  • Please circle all birdies on your cards.  The scorekeeper will do his best to catch all birdies, but it is ultimately your responsibility to make sure they are circled and easily identifiable.
  • Don’t forget to enter your scores on the USGA app or on the computer in the clubhouse HOLE BY HOLE!!!  Entering score hole-by-hole is the best way to maintain an accurate handicap because it takes equitable scoring control into effect.
  • Please reach out to the Scorekeeper (Brad) at for any scoring or handicap related questions.

Board Positions

  • There are 2 board positions up for reellection this year.  We will need to either reelect the folks that currently hold those positions or nominate and vote in new members to take over.
  • Please speak up if you are interested.  It is always good to have new perspectives in our meetings.

Golf Course General

  • Jim and Ian are eager to get people in the restaurant and golfers out on the course
  • Please be responsible when driving carts.  The City invested in new carts last year.  Jim said damage to carts was minimal, but we want to make sure we keep it that way.
  • Please respect ALL golf course property!!!!

Please reach out if you have any questions on any of the information attached or provided above.


Click below for an update on all scores and standings from weeks 1 -3.